Everything You Need to Know About Men’s Products

Men, unless you are rocking the shaved head look, you’ll likely need to give more attention to your hair than just a quick shampoo and towel dry. Shelves are packed with different products made especially for you, and sometimes it can be difficult to know what you need. Get to know your own hair. Talk to your barber. Learn what’s right for you. Below we’ve chosen the top men’s hair care products, and discussed why and when to use them.

1. Paste
Want a relaxed look? Grab a paste. Use this product to add a little bit of definition and movement to your hair. It has a lighter hold than some of its counterparts on the market, and it won’t make your mane look over-done. It’s great for thicker hair and thin. If your locks are thinner and finer, don’t shy away from this product, but just be sure to go lightly.

2. Pomade
If you have a shorter, more textured style, choosing a pomade may be your best bet. It will give your hair a sleek and sharp style while adding a nice shine. If your hair tends to be finer, steer clear – you may find it makes your hair slightly greasy. It never dries hard, but still gives your hair a strong hold.

3. Wax
If a glossy look isn’t your thing, grab a wax. Waxes will create a more matte finish, as they don’t contain any oils. They are great for thicker hair and buzzcuts. Like pomades, they will give you a malleable, controlled look. Men with fine hair, this may not be for you.

4. Gel
One of the most versatile products out there! From a wet look to matte, heavy hold to light, you’ll be able to find a gel that works for you. Gels harden on your hair giving it a stiffer feeling than a wax or pomade. If a gel is what you’re after, a good rule of thumb is that the finer the hair, the lighter the hold should be.

5. Clay
Want a relaxed, just rolled out of bed look? A clay may be just what you’re looking for. Like a paste, they won’t make your hair look over styled. A lighter hold keeps your hair looking casual and textured.