Top 10 Secrets Men Need To Know About Their Hair

1. To Keep Hair Looking Thick, Switch To Matte
Once men find themselves in their thirties and forties, it’s not uncommon to find a once
luscious mane appearing a little more thin and lackluster. To better manage the hair and
keep a thick, full appearance, a matte styling paste or clay is highly recommended. A
huge benefit of matte products is that they absorb light and provide an instant thicker
appearance. Link to product

2. Apply Shampoo To Dry Hair To Remove Wax
Wax hair products are great, but many men struggle to get it out of their hair. A great tip
for instant and easy removal is to apply shampoo to dry hair, then rinse. Immediately
follow with another application of shampoo and rinse again. This technique allows the
product to immediately break down and leave the hair squeaky clean. Link to product

3. Pick The Right Moment For A Haircut
Life gets busy. Believe us, we know. When juggling a hectic schedule, it’s easy to let
your haircut appointment slide. But remember, being proactive with your hair, instead of
reactive, reaps its benefits. Regular, proper maintenance of your hair allows for better
health and appearance. If you’re wanting to try out a new ‘do, always consult your barber
or hair stylist first. Drastic changes can have a negative impact on your hair health. When
in doubt, ask. Link to book an appointment

4. Products Are A Game Changer
Are too many options? Unsure of what is what? With new products and lines coming out
on the regular, it’s easy to get confused. It may be easier to stick with your tried, tested,
and true product – but that may not be what your hair actually needs. Make sure to talk to
your stylist and are clued up on what each product is for. For thicker hair and messy
styles, try a wax or pomade. For thin hair, go for a lighter product or spray to give your
style some staying power.

5. Relax
It’s not just your hair guys, it’s your scalp too. Healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp,
so take care of it. Did you know that stress can actually tighten your scalp and cause your
hair to thin? If you’re losing your hair, take a few extra minutes to massage your scalp
each time you wash your hair. Your hair will thank you, and hey, it feels great.

6. Watch Your Mouth
Ever hear, you are what you eat? Well, what you put in your mouth affects your mane just
as much as your six pack. A simple multivitamin can help combat any poor dietary issues,
and help with healthy hair growth and appearance. There are a plethora of vitamins out
there for you to try, just make sure they have a hearty dose of zinc and vitamins C & D.

7. Avoid Over-Washing
We get it. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and who wants to walk around or date a pretty
gal when your locks aren’t anything but squeaky-clean? Men, find a happy medium. The
expense of having super fresh hair all of the time may not be worth it. You may find your
hair is dry and coarse as a result. If this sounds like you, limit washing to just a few times
a week for smoother, healthier hair.

8. Skip The Cold Showers
They may feel great during those sticky summer months, and you may have read that cold
showers do your body a world of good. On the contrary, cold rinses constrict the blood
capillaries in the scalp. Having these little guys tighten up can do your hair a great deal of
damage as their function is to carry nutrients and pick up waste from the skin’s surface.
Take care of your scalp by sticking to lukewarm.

9. Don’t Rub Your Head
Guess what? Rubbing your hair harder after showering doesn’t make it dry any faster.
Fact. This overly aggressive drying technique will only lead to breakage. If your hair isn’t
as thick and strong as it used to be, it’s going to be extra prone to weakness. Pat your hair
dry instead to keep your locks as healthy as possible.

10. Figure Out Your Strays
There’s more hair for you to worry about than what is just on top of your head. Bushy
brows aren’t a problem, at all. But men, keep ‘em tamed. If they meet in the middle,
you’ve got some grooming to do. Pay attention to the space between your brows and any
stray hairs above or below. We get the plucking doesn’t feel great, so ask your stylist to
clean those brows up then time you’re in.